Characteristics of Super S128 Bangkok Chicken

Characteristics of Super S128 Bangkok Chicken – Next, we will provide reliable articles that we have summarized and made as light as possible, so that they can be read by all groups, here are the characteristics of the Super S128 Bangkok chicken.

There are many types of chickens that are used to fight in s128 online cockfighting. Bangko chicken which has a jalu or commonly called a spur, which is one of the fighting chickens that has a sharp weapon right at the foot just above the chicken finger.

A variety of Bangkok chicken that has a very deadly characteristic. Maybe some people already know how and recognize the characteristics of the best spur chicken with a very deadly blow to their opponent. That way you can find out how to know this.

Therefore, you can immediately try to follow the article that will tell you all to be able to find out the deadly characteristics of the rooster. Hopefully this article will be useful and useful for all of us.

Characteristics of Super Jalu Bangkok Chicken.

Everyone certainly wants the best Bangkok Jalu chicken to be able to get the best hen chicken characteristics so that it can be used to fight in the online cockfighting arena, so this time we will review the deadly characteristics of super hen cocks to learn later to choose super hen cocks. :

Head shape

The super jalu Bangkok chicken head is small and rather long with a thin and flexible comb. whereas if we look at the other fighting cocks the head has a short size and the comb is small and stiff.

Thigh shape

A good cock has a flat or flattened thigh shape and thus has an inward direction.

Hit technique

It is a stroke with the foot rather than a strike that uses the finger or sole of the foot to strike, In addition, to have a beating with the technique of the feet being pressed together, but not sticking because if the leg is pressed the spurs will break.

Position of spurs

A spur or hammer that is placed in a good position is brought closer to the little finger. In addition, another good position is also parallel to the pinkie because where the chicken will have a hammock position like this has a pretty steady punch.


The characteristics of the feathers on have wing feathers. dense tail and fur on its body to support it so it can maneuver into the air. However, while the chicken has a thick book and shiny stiff.